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Shodo- the Japanese Calligraphy School based in Tel Aviv, Israel is a school that not only teaches SHO-the art and skill of Japanese writing in order to become a great calligrapher, but rather teaches you DO- 'THE WAY'.
Based on a great philosophy, tradition and the essence of this ancient knowledge that has been passed from generations on, I believe that even here in Israel in 2013, through SHODO we can learn the way of life.
My biggest quest is always:
"what can be done so SHODO remains a living, breathing entity now and for centuries later?    And what can people in today's world seek in SHODO?
The benefits driven from SHODO thousands of years ago and today remain the same. For example: the endless repetition of the same brush stroke requires mastering the form, it is not especially uplifting, but doing this you abandon for a while any notion of "self expression" and the ego too.
Then your restless spirit begins to feel grounded and at peace.
SHODO has many other benefits to one who devotes time for practice. Creating a brushstroke on a white piece of paper is an immediate act, the moment is starts it also ends, and you cannot correct or redo a stroke. Once it is born it is there, and it is going to be a mirror of the self, you cannot hide a thing in a brush stroke.
One of the most important lessons we learn is that one should be creative. That one should not be bound by traditional ways but rather inherit the spirit. Inheriting the true spirit is not only a matter of mastering the fundamental teachings, but also expressing them creatively in context of time and place.
People from all over the country come to our school, their ages run from 18 to90, men, women, from all walks of life and occupations gather together to practice SHODO. They come from different reasons and have different needs but through this practice people become connected to their inner self and develop a new unique language. I call it the" language of the heart".
We like to say that you "come to SHODO with an open mind and leave with an open heart". It is our challenge to develop and pass over Japanese culture and tradition through a new attempt that only SHODO with a history of well over a thousand years enables. Combining ancient culture and tradition with the ways of today in a special manner is our mission.
Looking at the work of student you can see the individuality of each and every brush stroke that came alive on the piece of paper, and still there is a connecting thread between them all   I call it WA NO KAZE- JAPANESE WIND, literally means Japanese spirit, energy, feeling, style. Trying to combine this Japanese spirit that we teach through SHODO with each and every one's own spirit and self expression, Something new is born here in Israel waiting for you to explore it take part in it and enjoy.

              About Japanese Spirit   -  Wa No Kaze


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